is the next generation care management platform built with modern prove artificial intelligence frameworks and design while adhering to ADA and HIPPA compliancy.



By using the micro-services, cloud-native applications can scale services independently and automatically. This happens automatically most of the time so one doesn’t need to manage them on a daily basis.


Speed of Deployment

With the use of continuous delivery and deployment, one gets faster feedback and delivery resulting in faster shipping of applications. is wired with Jenkins’ based CI/CD pipelines.



Containerized Microservice architecture enables applications to be built. is built with polyglot technologies by taking advantage of the best of many languages to bring the cutting edge solution.


Design Methodology

Automate development and minimize time and cost for new engineers joining the project.
Port applications across multiple execution environments by maintaining a clean contract with the active operating systems.

Cloud Native & Microservices

Traditional care management platforms collect a huge amount of data related to personal health, but the processed data sit in silos, which are hard to use for everyone’s benefit. breaks the silos and helps in achieving our customers’ API vision. Security is key for successful API implementation and data privacy is a major concern when sharing health information across a wide audience. We have ensured that the platform is strictly HIPAA compliant while also adopting industry best practices encompassing NIST 800-53 standards.


API Driven

API-driven development naturally encourages application architectures that are highly distributed and modular. When you start by building an API framework that can connect together disparate parts of an application, you make it easy to break the application itself into modules, and to deploy those modules across a distributed environment that the API connects together.


API Rules Engine can help an enterprise jump-start the adoption of AI features with integrated Machine Learning and Business Rules Management approaches into a single solution. The next generation rules engine is backed by the Rule Learner and is highly customizable with care management domain specific rules. Clinical Subject Matter experts can examine the generated rules and fine tune the system based on business needs and customer preferences. Automating the rule generation and execution processes becomes an enormous asset with high ROI.